Physical Education

Hello my name is Evan Gutierrez.  I will be your son or daughters Physical Education Teacher.   I have been a teacher for 23 years.  This is my 9th year at RGE.  I really enjoy teaching P.E.  Exercise and Sports have been a big part of my life.   I grew up in Los Alamos, NM.  I played football and ran track in Junior High School.  A high school friend of mine that teaches in Los Alamos told me that I still hold the middle school’s long jump record set in 1981- 19 feet 7 inches.  I played high school football and earned a varsity letter in track and baseball.  When I attended New Mexico State University from 1986 thru 1991 my interest in sports turned into a major in Athletic Training Education.  I learned a lot about exercise physiology, human anatomy, kinesiology, sports injuries and treating sports injuries.  This furthered my passion for Sport and Performance.  During college I also competed in the sport of bodybuilding.   I graduated with a B.S. in Athletic Training Education in 1991.  I also received a minor in Physical Education, History and Health Education.  I continued my education at NMSU and earned a M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction in 1993.

My first job was Athletic Trainer at Los Lunas School in 1993.  I was the first Athletic Trainer to be implemented at Los Lunas high school.  To this day, both high schools in our school district have always had an Athletic Trainer.  Athletic Trainers take care of the athletes for all sports.  Their job is to prevent, treat and manage sports injuries.  I left the Athletic Training profession in 1999.  However, I continued to be a classroom teacher.  I taught at Laguna Acoma high school from 1999 to 2005.  I came back to Los Lunas High School in 2005 thru 2010.  I taught mostly Social Studies classes.  I then transferred to RGE in 2010 to teach P.E.  Children are fun to hang out with and I know they like P.E.

I want to make sure that your child has a fun and safe environment here at RGE.  Please make sure that your child wears tennis shoes for P.E.  If they do not wear tennis shoes, they may sit out of P.E. for safety reasons.  Your child can also bring a water bottle.  I will be sending out a “positive P.E. note” to your child if they do something very unique or special in P.E.  I will also have a P.E. student of the Month.  It will be for each grade level, boys and girls.  I do not make kids run that have asthma.  I always remind students that they can walk during our cardio exercise if they want to avoid an asthma attack.  They can also use their inhaler in which they can get it from the school nurse.  I allow students to do this at the beginning of P.E. class.  If your child is too sick for physical activity please send a note to be excused from P.E.  We always warm up with floor exercises such as jumping jacks and up/downs.  We always do a cardio exercise fun run.  All students are expected to complete these activities before we do our main activity.   Our main activity is educationally based.  Students may learn P.E. vocabulary words pertaining to the weekly lesson.  Students may also do math calculations pertaining to the weekly lesson.  What is most important is that the main activity will be physical.  Students will be tested on speed, endurance, skills and performance. 

If you have any questions please email me at [email protected]  I am looking forward to seeing your child in P.E. class this school year.  Exercise is the best way to live a great life.


Evan Gutierrez

P.E. Teacher

Raymond Gabaldon Elementary

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